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Until Death, Inc.

Re-Black Plate

Re-Black Plate

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Eventually, with wear, on any of our black plated rings, the black plating may begin to fade. We can re-black plate the ring for you at any time. This also includes a cleaning and polishing so that your ring will look brand new. Please email us with any questions. 


In order to begin the re-plating process please first purchase this link, including shipping during the checkout process. (This shipping covers us shipping back the ring after we are done with it.) Next, send your ring back to us and include a note with your name, original order number, re-plating order number and a return address.



Please ship all packages to the following address:
Ciarla Rubertone
Rubertone's, Second Floor
115 1/2 South 8th St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Please add a required signature to all packages!


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