Silver Disclaimer

Our Solid Silver jewelry is cast using .925 silver casting grain.This means that 92.5% of your silver Until Death piece is made of (softer) fine silver, while the remaining 7.5% is a careful mixture of alloys that help keep the silver hard so it can best withstand day to day wear. Because silver is not naturally perfectly bright, we finish all of our silver cast pieces with rhodium plating. Like any plating, rhodium can be broken down over time especially when exposed to certain cleaning products, soaps and chemicals. This breakdown of the rhodium exposes the sterling silver which may tarnish. Tarnishing is a natural occurrence on sterling silver jewelry, and many find the splotchy grayish tone undesirable. If your ring has become tarnished and you would like it restored to it's bright, shiny glory, simply ship your jewelry back to us. We will clean and plate it, free of charge, and return it to you. OR you may wish to bring it to your local professional jeweler to be cleaned.  At-home jewelry cleaning products sometimes contain acid which breaks down rhodium plating, and will further blacken the sterling silver beneath. Be sure to remove silver jewelry when cleaning, washing hands, using lotions or hand sanitizes, before showering, swimming and all activities of this nature. In rare cases, these types of things may cause a reaction between your skin chemistry and the .925 silver which may result in discoloration of your skin. However, this is not something that happens often and this depends solely on each individual's body chemistry.

Also, due to the softness and sensitivity of silver we do not recommend purchasing rings that you will wear every day in silver, rather, to improve your experience with your dream ring, upgrade to gold. Due to the softness of the metal, stones may become loose and/or fall out. Gold is much stronger and will better secure the stones in your ring. 

Our goal is your satisfaction! If you ever have any concerns regarding your ring, please do not hesitate to contact us.