Spider Web Contour Band-UDINC0561

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This wedding band can be made to fit with the following Engagement Rings:UDINC0313, UDINC0331, UDINC0323, UDINC0330, UDINC0321, UDINC343, UDINC335, UDINC320, UDINC0560, UDINC0536, UDINC0556, UDINC0533, UDINC0529, UDINC0529, UDINC0528, UDINC0431

We can adjust this band to fit almost any ring, even if we did not make it, please email us for more information. 

Please let us know if you are matching it up with an Engagement ring so we know which one to match it to.

  • See our About Us Page for policies before making a purchase  
  • Quarter & half sizes available, please let us know by leaving a note in the note box at checkout
  • Genuine diamonds are available in all sizes and cuts, email us for information
  • Genuine center diamonds are GIA certified 
  • Free custom inside engraving available, please leave a note in the note box at checkout (3 short words max. please)
  • If you want the ring black plated, please indicate so in the note box (black plating will resemble a gun metal gray color)
  • Open up a custom order any time by emailing us, info@untildeathinc.com


    If you want to customize your ring or have a special ring designed just for you, open a special order for a quote via email.

    Have questions? Feel free to email us and someone from our team would love to assist you.

    * If you would like to see real image please visit our instagram page or our Facebook page *



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