Custom Handwriting Piece

The options are endless with this custom piece! Turn any handwriting into a custom piece of jewelry.
Please purchase the link below and then email us at to begin your custom handwriting piece! Prices are based off of each custom piece! The $50.00 is a non-refundable deposit that will come off your total at the end.
Here are a few examples:
  • Have a card where a loved one who passed has written in? Keep a piece of them with you by wearing their handwriting! 
  • Did you and your spouse hand write your vows? Each of you could pick a word from the vows in their handwriting and wear that special memory forever!
  • Have your child write their name and turn your child's handwriting into a piece of jewelry
Below is just one example of the many pieces we have done! Someone wanted to turn their grandmothers handwriting into a beautiful bracelet. 
Step One: Send us a picture of the handwriting:
Step Two: Our CAD designers create a rendering of the word or phrase:
Step Three: Our jewelers will perfect the piece for you and it will be cast in the metal of your choice....925 silver, 10-14K Gold (White, Rose, Yellow) or Platinum! 

Email us with any questions! 

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